A guy named Fosbury

In the 1960’s, a young track and field athlete by the name of Dick Fosbury turned the track and field world on its head by being the first person to leap backwards over the high jump bar. Fosbury’s “flop” represented a complete departure from convention.

We appreciate stories like Fosbury’s because we do things differently in the wireless world day in and day out. The other players in the wireless site management business work for the wireless carrier and “find” your property by working as a vendor for the carrier. Upon “finding” your property, they convince you, the building owner, that they have exerted their influence over the carrier to convince them to collocate on your structure. The carrier gets your site at the rental rate that they have dictated to the site manager, the site manager gets a percentage of the diminished rate and gains control of the property for signing up future tenants at the same low rate, and you get a piece of a rental rate that is smaller than it would have been on your own.

We work for the property owner. To be clear, we only work for the owner; you can lay out our goals for the owner’s rooftop and site overthe owner’s goals and the two will perfectly overlap.

Our average net carrier rental rate paid out to each of our properties is, in most cases, double the rate paid out to those who are managed by other management companies or whom have decided to go it alone. Get that figure in your mind….

Ok, got it. It’s more than that figure.