Hyatt Regency, Dulles Airport

Your assistance has taken the total original rent from $12,397.61 to $16,836.16 (monthly). The lump sum payment to our property in the amount of $265,595.09 would have been money never recovered.

We did not realize the importance of a management company assisting with our rooftop. However, the numbers speak for themselves. Our hotel is appreciative of your expertise in capitalizing our rooftop success.

– Michael A. Session, General Manager
Hyatt Regecy Dulles


Kentucky Senior Citizen’s Apartments

This company is unique and highly beneficial to our fiscal non-profit. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, yes they WILL make you (or find you) money. For us, it’s been a significant amount, but what I appreciate even more is that they understand the industry –– I don’t. They know the tricks these rooftop guys pull and they know how to go after them to honor their commitment to you –– commitments you may not even know exist.

– Gary Warden, Executive Director
Kentucky Senior Citizens’ Apartments
Panorama Apartments



Hyatt Regency, O’Hare

In short, within 4 months, Patriot Communications has done every single thing they told me they could do. They have in-creased my annual revenue by over $75,000 plus the one time payment of $63,000…I am approached by vendors and sales-man on a daily basis and it is rare to find a company that delivers or that does more than what they promise.

– Tony Fiore, Senior Director of Engineering
Hyatt Regency O’Hare



LaSalle Hotel Properties

Patriot Communication’s expertise in rooftop antennas has proven extremely valuable. In the evaluation of one hotel they were able to create real value by identifying significant variances in back revenue and through their audit process were able to identify additional equipment that had been added over the years as well. This additional equipment has also resulted in increased revenue for our asset. Patriot has been a trusted partner and I’ll continue to rely on their expertise in managing rooftop antennas.

– Sarah Gulla, Vice President
Lasalle Hotel Properties



Sterling Realty Associates

We brought Patriot in on the heels of another management company and among other things, Patriot Communications identified and negotiated a $63,000 back payment…

They have helped us reach our financial goals by adding new tenants over the past 12 months. They delivered what they have promised and provide us with big company results and small company attention.

I would recommend Patriot Communications to any building owner; especially those who are trying to increase their passive income through wireless revenue or attempting to bring order to an already active rooftop.

– Charles Dozer, President
Sterling Realty Associates



Hyatt Regency Hotels

Patriot Communications has a master lease agreement with Hyatt Hotels and I reached out to Patriot to have them evaluate, market and manage our property’s rooftop. In the past 12 to 14 months, Patriot has identified and collected back revenue of $178,000 and has increased our monthly gross income produced by our rooftop from $2,500 to almost $10,000. They have helped us tighten up the schedule for each of the sub-tenants’ maintenance and site visits so that we have more control of our time and our property.

I receive solicitations all of the time from companies that promise all kinds of things. In the case of Patriot Communications, their work exceeds their hype.

– Steven Lee, Controller
Hyatt Regency