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About Patriot Communications- Hyatt House
Patriot Communications manages commercial rooftop revenue sources with communication towers


Patriot Communications – A Leader in Rooftop Management

Over the past two and a half decades, Patriot Communications has partnered with some of the most recognizable names in the commercial real estate and hospitality sectors to establish tailored management and marketing programs focused on ensuring wireless lease compliance and rent optimization on existing leases, while also driving new recurring revenue opportunities to our clients’ property portfolios.

Our process begins through a no-cost audit of your rooftop, where we review any active tenant installations and corresponding lease contracts. At the conclusion of our audit, Patriot will construct an owner specific management and marketing plan that addresses all concerns around existing or new tenants. This plan typically includes establishing rooftop access protocols, presenting immediate and future revenue opportunities discovered during the audit process, and presenting a plan to drive additional tenant interest in the site. Unlike legacy communication infrastructure site managers or tower companies, we pride ourselves on having the autonomy to negotiate all tenant agreements without being limited by nationwide fixed pricing programs that many other platforms have adopted. Our pricing is more flexible and market-specific, thus providing our real estate clients with substantially more value.

We have established a track record of materially increasing wireless revenues for our clients, often doubling or tripling their current wireless revenue.

As of January 2023, Patriot is now a division of Everest Infrastructure. This partnership further broadens Patriot’s service offerings to include various monetization options for existing lease revenue, the addition of in-house engineering and legal specialists, and additional customer support functionality.

Whether you have an existing management agreement in place or not, Patriot is able to help.