Signing authorization letters or letters of consent, what’s the harm?

On a regular basis (once a month or more) we review leases, licenses, and amendments and discover that the owner of a property or the owner’s designated representative has signed a set of construction drawings.

Please do not do that.

Construction drawings are often 30 pages or more. They are intended to be viewed in their full format of 24” by 36” and contain thousands of words and lots of details and you are arguably approving it all. In place of signing drawings you should substitute the drawings with a text exhibit that details the:


  • the number
  • the location
  • dimensions
  • weight

Supporting equipment (TMA’s RRU’s, surge protectors, etc.) again same things, number, location, dimensions, weight.

Pad dimensions.

Remember that these license agreements last for 20 to 30 years and the signature on a set of drawings or a poorly written consent letter can cost you.