The Great War

World War I introduced the first wide scale use of new technologies, such as the machine gun, the tank, poison gas, etc. Warfare completely changed with both sides digging in and creating hundreds of miles of trenches and spending thousands of lives to gain feet, if not inches of the enemy’s territories. As a result of the “lessons” learned in the Great War, France created a series of fixed fortifications, obstacles and weapon installations on the French side of its borders with Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg during the 1930s that became known as the Maginot Line.

The Maginot Line did not extend into Belgium for political and neutrality reasons. At the outset of World War II, Germany simply bypassed the Maginot line and entered France in force via Belgium using the blitzkrieg (lightning war) and conquered the nation of France in weeks.

So what does this have to do with wireless rooftop leases? We too often will be negotiating a management agreement, or an audit agreement, and while we are going through the process, the owner will sign a letter of consent or other binding agreement.At first glance this seems benign, but, is in fact, ultimately going to cost the property six figures of forfeit revenue.

We work diligently with a prospective property group as we develop a relationship with the ownership. We do this out in the open, with no hidden agenda or tricks. Every service that we offer is a benefit to the property. Yes, we benefit as well, but, only if we are able to capture additional revenue from the carrier(s). Our standard method of providing full disclosure is met with skepticism and even a high level of scrutiny, in some cases, all the while the current rooftop tenants are bypassing the properties defenses and cutting through Belgium.

If you are interested in what we do call us, and we will put you in touch with someone much like you. Someone who had the same concerns and questions, someone that thought what we were offering was too good to be true, but now can quantify the value of our services.